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Welcome to the Town of Gray Court

In the beginning, Gray Court was named Dorroh or Dorrohville for a family named Dorroh. When the Civil War broke out, there were only four homes, and a stagecoach stop was maintained for travelers. In 1885-86; the Charleston & Western Railroad was built. The first train came through in 1886. The engineer suggested the town be called Gray Court, since Gray was a prominent name in the area. The first passenger trip was made on August 31, 1886. A free ride was given to all who wished to go from Laurens to Greenville, South Carolina and back.

On October 17, 1899, the name Dorrohville/Dorroh was changed to Gray Court. The charter was dated October 20, 1899. The first census was taken in 1900. It showed 181 residents. In 1902, the school at Gray Court and the school of Owings merged to form Gray Court Owings School. In 1937, Highway 14 was constructed through Gray Court, and in 1954 Pleasant View Primary School was built.

Today Gray Court has a current population of about 850 people. Gray Court has many historic homes, churches and businesses, and the grounds of the Gray Court Owings Schools are on the National Register of Historic Places. Gray Court, an area poised for quality growth, is nestled in the heart of Laurens County just south of Greenville SC. Entry into the town from I-385 is by taking either Exit 19 and then Hwy 14 or Exit 16 and then Hwy 101. From Laurens, take Hwy 14 and from Hickory Tavern take Hwy 101. 

Come and see what Gray Court has to offer where “We are striving to improve.”

On behalf of the Mayor, Council members and citizens of Gray Court, we extend a warm welcome to you!

Town Of Gray Court

329 W Main St.

Gray Court, SC 29645

(864) 876-2581