The Gray Court Municipal Court is a court of limited jurisdiction. The Municipal Court Judge is  authorized by the state of South Carolina to preside over traffic infractions and criminal  misdemeanors. The Municipal Court schedules arraignments, pre-trial hearings, bond hearings, preliminary hearings, and jury trials.  If you received a citation issued by the Town of Gray Court , the Laurens County Sheriff  Department officers under contract with the Town of Gray Court, Code Enforcement, or Animal  Control for a misdemeanor or criminal offense, traffic infraction or code violation that occurred  in the Town limits, your ticket will be filed in the Gray Court Municipal Court.

The administrative office and courtroom of the Gray Court Municipal Court are located at Town  Hall at 329 West Main Street. All court appearances for the Gray Court Municipal Court are held  in the courtroom at Town Hall. The Honorable Judge Johnson is available to receive guilty pleas  Monday through Friday at the administrative office of the court.


Payments can be made in-person. In-person payments are accepted Monday through Friday at  Gray Court Town Hall. Acceptable forms of payment for fines include cash, certified check, and money order. Credit/Debit Card payments are not accepted at City Hall.

2024 Court Date Schedule [DOC]





Judge Isaac Johnson, Jr. 
Town of Gray Court Judge (Municipal Court)